Carbs: The Dreadful Enemy, Or Is It?

Fruits-imageDecades ago, the supplement industry flooded the market and promoted the ideology of consuming as much carbohydrate (Refined carbs) as possible. It was the new fashion thing to do then as is the push for protein supplements now. Fitness fanatics and pretty much everyone over-indulged. Obesity rose through the roof and diabetes in the early 90’s became a nationwide issue…- The medical community raised an alarm which led to the supplement company relenting and re-strategizing to push protein bars and shakes. Carbohydrate ever since has been deemed a dreadful, no-go zone. Understanding the importance of carbs to your body and DNA makeburger with x-up opens a new set of reality and emphasis on the need for carbs (natural carbs: whole grains, fruits, and vegetables). Carbohydrate is the primary source of energy production in the human body. Without it, the body could only strive for a limited amount of time by using other nutrients for energy: nutrients that could have been used for their intended purposes. Depriving the body of carbs or going on a carb-free diet is not an astute move to achieving any fitness goal. Refined Carbs, on the other hand, are generally unhealthy source of carbs. Consuming such carbs causes you to lose all the natural elements and micro-nutrients nature intends for you to consume. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising on a regular basis require you replacing your used nutrients from natural food sources. In short, chew up on your nuts, grains, and veggies and limit your total daily intake to 100-115grams of carbs if you’re on 2000Kcal/day. Before you go off declaring war on carbs , know that maintaining your fitness goals comes with consuming the right diet; and in this case the right carbs “nuts, grains, and fruits”.