• What’s the return policy for purchased items?

    Fit Is Fashion will refund your money if products/merchants are returned unworn, clean with labels on it. Shipment cost will be deducted from total amount returned.

  • Does Fit Is Fashion work with clients on a one-on-one basis?

    Yes. After an on-the-phone or email consultation, you and the Fit Is Fashion team may come to an understanding.

  • How different is this company from any other fitness company?

    This Company, unlike any other company out there, starts from the grass-root of fitness and believes in free education and promotion of a healthier lifestyle. It has countless amount of medical disciplines teaming together to give you the best fitness and health related information you need.

  • How do I join the Fit Is Fashion team?

    Fit Is Fashion is a fast growing company with opportunities for expansion. Send us an email through Contact@fitisfashion.com and explain how you plan to contribute to Fit Is Fashion, and send us pictures of yourself.

  • Are Supplements Safe?

    Depending on what you’re taking supplements for, it could be harmful, helpful, or unnecessary. Contact your Fit Is Fashion team for further info on supplements.