What Your Wardrobe Says About You: The Style Issue

Spring bling is fading away in a distance and summer is lurking at your door. You’ve been part of 30% who maintain their New Year’s fitness resolution 6 month out. You’re been good and consistent with your fitness game. Unlike fitness, style and fashion have their seasons and change frequently; hence staying in synch with the fashion dos and faux-pas to compliment your long-earned summer body is important.

Ultra-light washed denims tone down the transition from spring’s ultra-bright, vibrant colors to summer’s chill -I just want to hit the mall with my boys- weather. The slim-fit or low tapered washed denims in conjunction with a color appropriate Yard Bullion Sneaker and a white T is one of the few wardrobe collection you’ll need to make a fashion statement this summer. Time to give the Air-Force Ones a break while the High Rise Yard Bullion cruise-control.