Turn Your GYM-CATION into a Real Workout

If you’re frequently at the gym, then it’s no surprise to see gym enthusiasts spending two or more  hours at the gym without really getting a full-on workout. Vacationing at the gym has become a trend that’s impeding gym goers from attaining their fitness goals. Without a disciplined schedule  or workout plan before  hitting the gym, it’s easy to get lost and flustered in your workout. Getting the most out of your workout is not dependent on how long you spend at the gym, but more so on how hard you workout. A 45min workout consisting of high-Intensity low-interval workouts and resistant training will give you a better result than just spending 2hrs lifting weights.

Here are the 8 Steps to avoiding GYM-CATION:

1: Don’t head to the gym running on empty. Get a pre-workout snack (apple/banana and peanut butter, a low-fat yogurt)

2: Set a workout plan (know what body part you want to target for that session)

3: Set a time frame to complete your workout

4: Music has been proven to boost endurance and take your mind off the workout. Ramp up your playlist or your guilty pleasure songs.

5: Block your set workout time from phone calls or texts. Either leave your phone in the locker or put it on vibrate.

6: Don’t idle around waiting for an equipment of weight that’s been used. Go to your next workout routine while your muscles are in flight mode and ready to learn.

7: Time your sets and your rest periods. Resting too long between sets can decrease your muscles response to the workout.

8:Training with a partner helps motivate you and gives you a competition to compare yourself to.