Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder


                                                                                About Francis Tucker, The Founder

Early Life

Born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, Francis Tucker describes his childhood as a time full of fun and adventure. Growing up in the tropical climate of Sierra Leone, felt like an endless vacation in paradise. However, his safe haven quickly turned into a place of heartache and bloodshed. In 1991, a civil war, lasting for over a decade, broke out leaving him and his family devastated. Tucker recalls the brutal murder of his grand father by rebels during the war, which forced his flight from Sierra Leone.
Paradise had faded and a new reality had set in. Francis began his life as a refugee in the Foracariah Refugee Camp, located in Guinea, West Africa. Here, he found a sense of safety and peace. He no longer had to dodge the numerous bullets being fired by rebels or endure sleepless nights due to the fear of forceful amputation. However, it would not be long before a new setback arose. Thousands of refugees from Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Ivory Coast fled to the camp. Living conditions were not conducive to the health of the refugees. Tight living quarters served as a medium for many bacterial infections to grow. Malaria, cholera, and dysentery are some of the many diseases that invaded the refugee camp. Tucker’s juvenile immune system was no match for the unsanitary and overcrowded living conditions he had to endure. Francis’ fight against torture had ended and now a new fight had begun: a fight against disease and starvation. Francis succumbed to a violent case of malaria, which nearly stripped him of his life. Invading his liver and spleen, the parasite often times caused him to faint and lose consciousness. His family sought medical attention on his behalf, however, they were continuously denied due to their lack of sufficient funds. As fate would have it, someone told the Tucker family of a Catholic clinic in a nearby town that would treat Francis regardless of their financial status. Francis was hospitalized at the clinic for about two weeks. In addition, he was treated with intravenous hydrations, various anti-malaria medications, food, and rest. As a result, he was able to regain his health in a speedily manner. Francis was profoundly touched by the compassion coupled with the care he received while at the clinic. It was at the moment, he realized he wanted to pursue a career in nursing. Francis promised himself that he too would one day become a nurse and bestow upon his patients the same compassion and competent care that he was given at the clinic.


Life In the United States
Francis knew that his fight against starvation had ended when he made his arrival to the U.S. in 2004. For, he knew this was a country where he would count on his basic needs for survival being met. The endless opportunities, including education, that are afforded to those in the U.S. filled Francis with much hope. At the forefront of his mind, Francis kept the promise that he had made to himself back home in Africa. Filled with much zeal and determination, Francis enrolled at the Camden High School in New Jersey, where he began his road of excellence. Francis graduated High School as the Valedictorian in June 2005.
In the fall after graduation, Francis decided to further his education at Washington Adventist University, located in Maryland, where he declared a major in Nursing. Upon his arrival to the university, he encountered somewhat of a cultural shock. However, he saw his assimilation into the American culture as an adventure. Francis adapted and made friends quickly. Soon, he became class president which enabled him to network, meet friends, and build connections. Making the National Dean’s List, Francis continued to soar in his academics. During his junior year, he had the opportunity to have an externship at Cooper Medical Center, the top trauma center in South Jersey. By the end of the following year, he held an internship in the Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care Unit at George Washington University Hospital in District of Columbia. His dream of becoming a nurse was slowly unfolding. After graduation, being filled with great ambition, Francis sought job opportunities at the best hospitals in the nation.
He began his nursing career at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Tucker worked as an Orthopedic Trauma and Medical-Surgical nurse for four years, and then decided it was time for both a change and challenge. He is currently practicing in the oncological area of nursing. Francis is certified in chemotherapy administration and bone marrow and stem cell transplantation. He is also certified in the care of critically ill patients with complex symptoms and diseases.
Fitness has always played a huge role in the life of Francis. His experience in the art of staying active and fit spans more than a decade. Francis is a Certified Personal Trainer with the International Sports Science Association. He is extremely dedicated to analyzing the latest scientific evidence in the fields of weight loss, fitness, and nutrition.
Fit Is Fashion is a brand Francis created to assist in the betterment of individual health worldwide. The Fit Is Fashion team includes two orthopedic surgeons, two dietitians, a physical therapist, and many more professionals in the art of health sciences. Through Fit Is Fashion, Francis aims to enable you to reach your optimum health while providing you with the tools needed to reach the results you desire.